Friday, February 22, 2008

Free Podcasts from Kodak

Kodak Podcasts

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Kodak podcasts bring together photographers, scientists, executives, and others for conversations about company news, groundbreaking innovation, and more.

Visit the Kodak's: Kodak Close Up - Podcasts

Consumer Showcase

It's all about great pictures!
Get the most from your digital camera
and digital printing technologies.
We'll share techniques and ideas
to make your pictures come alive.

Pro Imaging

Professional photographers share
their techniques and ideas for making
extraordinary pictures. Join them as
they describe life behind the lens.

Marketing Insights

Great marketing builds great
relationships. these podcasts
highlight marketing, branding,
and sponsorship activities that
continue to make Kodak one of
the world's top brands.

Financial News

Learn about Kodak's global business
stategy and financial performance in
audio podcasts featuring CEO Antonio
M. Perez and other senior executives.

Technology Briefs

Check out what's new in digital imaging,
groundbreaking innovation, and
technology disruption in the marketplace,
with insights from Kodak researchers.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Sabrina. This is Krista from Kodak. Just wanted to thank you for mentioning Kodak's podcasts! Stay tuned for more!

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