Friday, February 29, 2008

Free Subscription to Professional Photographer

Free for 6 months

Professional Photographer Magazine

Right now you can receive a free 6 month subscription to Professional Photographer magazine.

For more than 100 years, Professional Photographer, the official magazine of Professional Photographers of America, has helped readers advance careers in the photographic industry. Each issue contains practical yet cutting-edge lessons in the artistic, business, and technological aspects of professional photography. No other magazine offers a more influential presentation of the people, trends, products, and photographs changing and defining the portrait, wedding and commercial photography landscape.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Free Fujifilm Professional Film Data Guide

Professional Films
Data Guide

If you are still shooting film then you need to have this guide.

This is the complete A-Z reference for Fujifilm's professional films. It is chock full of excellent information about every aspect of Fujifilm film.

The guide is available free from Fujifilm in adobe PDF format.

Profrssional Film Data Guide

It includes technical data on all Fijifilm films in 35mm, 120/220mm, instant, and APS. It discusses the features of each film type and provides advice for shooting as well. It contains info on processing and edge markings and much much more.

Basically it is everything you ever wanted to know about film, but may have been to confused to ask.

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Free Slideshow Software from Fujifilm

Free - Fun & Easy

Photo and Video Editor

From Fijifilm

Import your life Load in your digital photos and video files with a simple click. You can even upload from Facebook!

Edit your photos and video Cut, trim, build. Add an effect. Zoom in on the cute friend in the group shot. Cut out your brother-in-law's embarrassing karaoke at the beginning of the video. It's simple to do.

Add some music Add a soundtrack to your clip using music pre-loaded in the Z-Clip editor, other tracks from the Playlist, or your own MP3s! Share your mashup Sharing your creation with your friends and family is a snap. Email it, or post to your blog!


Here is a sample clip I whipped up quickly. It did have a couple of errors, 1 image was lost and the audio is terrible....

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Free 2GB USB Memory

Microsoft and Novel
Team up to give you 2GB of Free Memory

Microsoft and Novel have recently teamed to help windows integrate better with the Linux operating system. To market this venture they have created a marketing plan that includes sending out a video and informational material on a nifty 2GB USB memory bracelet.

After you have reviewed the promotional material from Microsoft and Novel, you can re-format the 2GB USB drive and use it to store your digital photos.

You can sign up for this info with Free 2GB USB Memory here: Novell and Microsoft

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Free Nikon Web Community
Fantastic Free Resource
For the Nikon Shooter

Nikonians® is the largest website for Nikon users in the world. It provides free access to a member forum with a large membership of helpful Nikon users as well as numerous photographic resources geared toward the Nikon shooter.

Registration is free to the public and only required to post in the forums.

I just joined Nikonians myself, so if you see me "Sabrina F2sb" please say hello!

FREE Membership includes:

Access forum areas - Learn, share and participate in lively discussions

Receive - newsletters, podcasts and RSS feeds for free

Receive - eZine THE NIKONIAN™ as PDF for free

Access fast search portal NikoScope® for free

Get a free SILVER membership valid for 25 days and enjoy:

Upload and store images in forums
Show personal gallery images in forums
Access to the classifieds section
Create your own public and private albums (50 MB of space)

Visit the membership information page for details.

From the Nikonians website:

( is a user community and reference site for Nikon

photographers. Found in April 2000 it helps digital and film photographers to shorten

their learning curve. The members and visitors improve their photography skills and

results while making long lasting friendships across borders and often continents.

The community is not-for-profit: All revenue generated is reinvested to maintain and

sustain its growth.

The Nikonians site has over 70, very active discussion forums with several thousand

postings per day. It also provides blogs, newsfeeds, podcasts (mp3 radio) with weekly

talk radio and interviews with famous photographers, product reviews, user stories,

newsletters, electronic magazines (ezine), books, user galleries and workshops in many


With over 10 million pageviews per month and 40 000 unique visitors daily, Nikonians

is the largest site for Nikon users in the world.

The team

Behind the community is a team of over 60 ambitious photographers and imaging

professionals, both volunteers and paid staff, helping the community’s over 90 000

worldwide members. Nikonians is independent and owned by Bo Stahlbrandt and José

Ramón Palacios.

The members

The typical Nikonians member is a “prosumer”: He uses a DSLR camera, is 45 years old,

of high education level, earns $67 000 per year and spends more than $3 800 per year

for his passion. 54 percent of the members say that Nikonians directly influenced their

shopping decisions.

The mission

Nikonians mission is to provide a friendly, creative and inspiring atmosphere for

ambitious photographers of all skill levels and demanding imaging professionals where

there is room for each photographer to learn and grow.

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Free access to Community
Interactive Photographic Community
Open Free to the Public is a well designed website centered on photographic education, discussion and even some amazing Java based learning tools. It is free to visit and much of the sites tools and information, including their free web-magazine "Double Exposure" are available without even registration.

Free to all visitors:

Access to 3D Rooms filled with educational content and information audios and videos.

Downloadable model and property release forms.

Access to all educational Learning Centers: Canon Digital Learning Center, SanDisk Knowledge, Adobe Training, X-Rite, Pantone, iView Media Asset Management, and Moab.

Enter our exclusive contests sponsored by Adobe, Canon, and SanDisk (when available).

Learn from Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe CS®, CS2®, and CS3® tutorials.

Be inspired by thousands of images located in our Gallery Central, Adobe, SanDisk, and Canon galleries, as well as member Portfolios, Image of the Week, and PHOTOWORKSHOP.COM assignment galleries.

Access to Photo 101: Introduction to Photography, including photography books in PDF format from Wiley Publishing.

Free subscriptions to the Double Exposure online magazine, our New and Notable newsletter, Range Finder Magazine, and After Capture Magazine.

Access to the Photo Workshop Book Series assignment and critique images. Participation is free following registration.

Upload information about your special photographic events or announcements on our public calendar.

Certainly a superb photo resource, provides hours of free learning and participatory events. For those looking to go further, paid memberships are available so you can upload and create your own photo galleries and get 1-on-1 training and critiques from some of the current leaders in the photo world.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Free picture service from Nikon

my Picturetown
free photo storing and sharing service

Store photos and videos of any size

With the new Nikon my Picturetown’s state-of-the art storage network, your files are safe. And, unlike many other photosharing sites, you can store photos and videos of any size. The service offers up to 2 GB of free storage. You can also subscribe to the my Picturetown Gold service and store up to 20 GB of images. (The Gold service is currently FREE and available in the U.S. and Japan only.)

Visit the Nikon my Picturetown website to take a tour and sign up.

20GB of free storage

Now, you can enjoy 20GB of free storage until April 30, 2008. After middle March 2008, we will inform Gold Account members about our procedure for monthly payment by e-mail and on my Picturetown. You will be able to downgrade from Gold Account to Free Account by the end of April 2008. Free Account members will still be able to use 2GB storage free.

Easy image uploading is a key part of photo management

my Picturetown offers three easy ways to upload:

- send photos through WiFi-enabled COOLPIX S50c and S51c cameras.

- batch upload from your computer using my Picturetown’s Quick Upload tool.

- upload single files from your computer using the Single Selection Upload tool. Both Quick and Single Selection Upload tools help you tag your photos before you send them.

COOLPIX S50c and S51c features

With Picture Mail, you can share photo albums through email directly through the camera, no matter where you are. Sending photos to storage is simple: press the shutter to upload an Album or set the camera to batch upload as it recharges.

Organization the way you want it

With drag and drop, you can arrange your photos any way you like. Create Albums within Folders. Sort your pictures by name or date or file type. In my Picturetown, you can set up your Library exactly the way you want it, with all your photos in one place.

A tag is the easiest way to label and retrieve the photos in your archive.

With my Picturetown, you can tag an Album, selected photos in an Album, or single photos. You can also tag when you upload—in a batch or as individual photos.

Your images exactly where you want them

Place any image from your archive on a blog or website. It’s just the beginning of a number of features that will let you put your images exactly where you want them.

Flicker Integration

We’ve provided single-click functionality so that you can quickly post your photos to the Flickr community. Press a button and any photo in your collection will get added to your Flickr archive. (Available in the U.S. only.)

With the COOLPIX S50c and S51c cameras, you can email photo Albums directly to Flickr.

Picturetown’s new slide show

Show off your photos with my Picturetown’s new slide show. By adding music, pan and zoom transitions, and nearly full screen images, you will be able to share your photos in style.

Coming to a phone near you

Nikon has created mobile versions of my Picturetown to view on phones in Japan and the U.S. In Japan, DoCoMo customers can view their my Picturetown Libraries on their cell phones. In the U.S., the mobile phone versions begin with BlackBerry Smartphones. Andthat’s just the beginning...

Join Today for 20gb Free storage

Upload some photos, create an Album, and get to know my Picturetown firsthand. If you aren’t yet a member of my Picturetown, register now. Bring your photos to the simple, smart photo sharing service brought to you by Nikon.

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Free Podcasts from Kodak

Kodak Podcasts

Listen online, download to your computer,

or subscribe to get updates automatically!

Kodak podcasts bring together photographers, scientists, executives, and others for conversations about company news, groundbreaking innovation, and more.

Visit the Kodak's: Kodak Close Up - Podcasts

Consumer Showcase

It's all about great pictures!
Get the most from your digital camera
and digital printing technologies.
We'll share techniques and ideas
to make your pictures come alive.

Pro Imaging

Professional photographers share
their techniques and ideas for making
extraordinary pictures. Join them as
they describe life behind the lens.

Marketing Insights

Great marketing builds great
relationships. these podcasts
highlight marketing, branding,
and sponsorship activities that
continue to make Kodak one of
the world's top brands.

Financial News

Learn about Kodak's global business
stategy and financial performance in
audio podcasts featuring CEO Antonio
M. Perez and other senior executives.

Technology Briefs

Check out what's new in digital imaging,
groundbreaking innovation, and
technology disruption in the marketplace,
with insights from Kodak researchers.
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FREE Kodak DVD "Exposed"

Exposed DVD
Free From Kodak
Interviews and views from the television industry’s
renowned producers and cinematographers

Kodak asked 14 of the television industry’s renowned producers and cinematographers from around the world to reveal their thoughts about film and electronic capture. They talked about their experiences with both. What works for them and why. What they like– and don’t like. Where they see things going in the future. And how they make their choice in the first place.

Receive the free Exposed DVD from Kodak here: EXPOSED

Additional material below. Also check out Kodak's Exposed website.

Ewan Burnett
EXPOSED: Ewan Burnett
EWAN BURNETT has over 21 years
of experience in the Australian
film and television industry.
He established Burberry Productions
in 1993.

Stephen Lighthill, ASC
EXPOSED: Stephen Lighthill, ASC
Stephen Lighthill, ASC, photographed the
Oscar® nominated Berkeley in the 60s.
Here he talks about the value of shooting
the episodic series, She Spies, on film.

Hilary Bevan Jones & Christopher Seager
EXPOSED: Hilary Bevan Jones
& Christopher Seager
Hilary Bevan Jones's company, Endor
Productions, is currently in production
with Paul Abbot's dramatic serial
State of Play.
Christopher Seager, BSC is a
two-time British Academy of Film
and Television Arts nominee in
the Best of Photography and
Lighting Category.

Ken Burns
EXPOSED: Ken Burns
Ken Burns produced the
Oscar ® -nominated Brooklyn Bridge,
and 18 other documentaries
since beginning his career in 1979.
In this interview, Burns talks about his
experiences with film
and electronic capture.

Steve Sabol
EXPOSED: Steve Sabol
Steve Sabol has received 27 Emmy® Awards
for writing, cinematography, editing,
directing, and producing
as the president and visionary

10 Fast Film Facts
10 Fast Facts Revealed
The truth about motion picture film
and electronic capture.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Free Canon RAW Image Processor - DPP

Canon Digital Photo Professional
Free RAW photo editor
Updated version to 3.2 with new website and tutorials.

Canon has released another free update to its free RAW photo processor. DPP (Digital Photo Professional) 3.2 is now available.

Digital Photo Professional 3.2 is software
exclusively for editing and converting RAW
images shot by EOS Digital cameras.
Users of EOS Digital cameras can install
Digital Photo Professional 3.2
by downloading Digital Photo
Professional 3.2 Updater for Windows.
DPP 3.2 also has a new website devoted to the
new version with updated video tutorials.
DPP 3.2 features:
1. Added support for EOS 40D and EOS-1Ds Mark III.
2. Added Lens aberration correction function
(for correcting peripheral illumination, distortion,
chromatic aberration, and color blur).
   Please refer to User's Manuals (PDF)
for the supported models
and the target lens in Digital Photo Professional 3.2.
3. Highlight/shadow warning function has been added.
Now check for blown highlight and shadowing on the screen.
4. High speed (moiré reduction off) has been added to the
High Quality display mode for RAW images.
5. Retain sort order function in the
main window has been added.
6. 100% has been added to the enlargement ratio that
appears on the Quick Check window.
(Previously 50% only)
From my earlier DPP post:

I generally shoot in RAW format, and I rely heavily on the DPP program. With the release of Version 3 Canon has given its customers a fantastic tool for free. I can often achieve fantastic results processing my RAW images in DPP and never have to adjust them in PhotoShop.

The ability to shoot RAW images is a feature of higher
end cameras and allows for you to have all the raw sensor data from the digital camera without the camera making any automated image enhancements like it would to make a .Jpg image.

This RAW file really is raw data, think of it like a film negative, and must be processed in conversion
software and made into a .Jpg or .tiff file.

This conversion software allows me to make decisions on brightness, tone, contrast, color temperature,
color saturation, and grain sharpness. By allowing me to make these decisions I can fine tune my pictures, often far better than the logic built into the camera.

Canon in addition to providing the RAW software DPP provides a detailed 106
page user manual, and goes one better providing intensive online tutorials that are easy to understand with video examples by world class photographers and Canon reps.

Unfortunately Canon's Digital Photo Professional will only work with RAW files generated by its EOS line of Digital SLR's. For those with RAW files generated by Canon p&s cameras like the G6 or other manufactures RAW files they will sadly not work with DPP.

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Free Paper Crafts from Canon

Canon 3D Papercraft

DIY paper wonders

Tired of printing out photos on your printer? Then give the fine art prints a rest and give your printer something fun to print. Canon’s free 3D Papercraft website provides hundreds of beautiful paper projects with detailed instructions that you can print out on your printer and assemble yourself.

Everything from simple Origami to complex structures like a detailed Taj Mahal are available free at the Canon Papercraft website.

Each Papercraft project is available as a downloadable PDF file.

Surprisingly there is no paper EOS 1D Mark III available yet! However Canon is constantly adding new paper wonders all the time.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All the free photographic information you will ever need!

Photography on the Net

Canon Digital Photography Forums

If you have a digital camera and it's a Canon then you need to know about POTN Canon Digital Photography Forums. Even if you do not have a Canon brand camera over 50% of the website will still apply to the general digital photographer.

Created in 2001 by Finnish photographer and internet guru Pekka Saarinen its simple and free forums have attracted a vast array of photographers of varying experience from all over the world. These members all join together to provide a pleasant and welcome environment for a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

The major sections of the forum fall into 3 major sections with many sub-categories.

Equipment talk deals with the operation and details of the Canon digital cameras, lenses, and accessories. This section is the only Canon specific section and thus the least useful for non Canon users.

Photo Sharing is all about posting and discussing members photos. Broken into 15 separate areas of photography it is a fantastic place to share your photos and get comments, critiques, and advice, as well as inspiration from the works of others.

Sharing Knowhow is dedicated to discussing the technical aspects of photography including, post processing and printing, the business of photography, critique corner, and more.

There is also a members marketplace and a general discussion area if you want to discuss something other than photography with your friends at POTN.

POTN is such a helpful and useful resource that you really need to check it out if you have a digital camera. It is easily one of the simplest ways to help you improve and expand your photography skills, and it's free!

Of course POTN is not alone in providing fantastic photographic forums on the internet. Nearly every camera manufacture has a few forums dedicated to them. POTN is however one of the biggest and busiest that can provide a benefit to all photographers.

If you have a free forum you would like to recommend please leave a comment at the end of this post or e-mail me: and I will get a list together of free photography forums.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Free Memory

Free Memory

Tips & Tricks

Adobe Photoshop

The Purge command lets you free memory used by the Undo command, the History palette, or the clipboard.

Choose Edit > Purge, and choose the item type or buffer you want to clear. If it is already empty, the item type or buffer is dimmed.

Note: The Purge command permanently clears from memory the operation stored by the command or buffer; Purge cannot be undone. For example, choosing Edit > Purge > Histories deletes all history states from the History palette. Use the Purge command when the amount of information in memory is so large that Photoshop performance is noticeably affected.

For more great Photoshop tips and tricks

Visit evangelist Julieanne Kost’s website for valuable tips and tricks on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Don't Miss-

The Top 10 tips and Tricks in Photoshop (PDF)

Ok, there are really 12 techniques in this handout that I feel just don't get enough attention!

The Top 10 Photoshop Features (PDF)

This tutorial covers what I think are the top 10 features in Photoshop that people don't use, but should...

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Free Adobe Photoshop CS3 (version 9)

30 day Free Trial

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Adobe Photoshop CS3 is the premier digital imaging tool for Photography and you can use it for free for 30 days. After 30 days it will stop working unless you purchase an access code. Adobe Co makes much of their great software available for 30 day trial. So clear your schedule for the next 30 days because this is a great chance to try out what is truly the best photo editor on the planet.

To get the free 30 day trial just visit Photoshop CS3 and select downloads from the menu at the top of the screen and "Trial" will be one of the options.

Also for a limited time Adobe is offering a great deal if you decide to purchase both Photoshop and Lightroom - Adobe's new raw processing program.Save up to $150 when you buy Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software together with Photoshop CS3

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Free B&H Source Books or Catalog

Free Catalog
full of not so free stuff

The B&H catalogs and source books are like an encyclopedia of photographic goodies. Much like a toy book for adults, they carry a very diverse range of cameras and accessories. In a few short years B&H Photo has become the premier photo retailer in the US. Their success has been in part based on hiring quality people, honesty, and very decent prices.

I have personally made several large online purchases (for me anyway) from B&H Photo and have always been pleased with the experience and happy with the orders.

So go sign up for their free catalog or a source book and find out about all the goodies you are missing out on: Request Free B&H Source Books or Catalog

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

February Free courses from Sony

My 101 Sony

Your Personal Tutor, Offering Free Online Learning

New courses enrolling now!

Your Personal Tutor, Offering Free Online Learning

Dear Free Photography Stuff Blog readers,

Enrollment for February Courses has begun, so sign up now to ensure a spot in one of this month's featured topics. My 101 - visit today and explore!

Master Digital Photography Techniques

Introduction to Portrait Photography

Take portrait photographs like the pros do using simple and intermediate techniques with a digital camera.

The Four Steps to the Best HD Experience

Set Up Your HDTV to Get the Best Performance

Learn how small adjustments to your HDTV's picture and sound settings can help you enjoy your television's capabilities to their fullest.

Digital Imaging 101

Capture Special Family Moments in Photos
Creating Digital Photography Art
Photo Montages 101: Bring Photos to Life in a Video Montage
Filmmaking 103: Edit Your Video, Share It Online
Edit Great Home Videos
Digital Photography Made Simple

Home Entertainment 101

Fusing Home Theater and Interior Design
Record Your Favorite TV Programs Using a DVR
Get the Cinema Experience at Home with High Definition
Making All of Your HD Products Work Together
Rock the House: Choosing a Home Theater Receiver
Converting Video Tapes to DVD

See you in class!
My 101 Staff

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Link to: Original Sony My 101 post

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