Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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If you have a digital camera and it's a Canon then you need to know about POTN Canon Digital Photography Forums. Even if you do not have a Canon brand camera over 50% of the website will still apply to the general digital photographer.

Created in 2001 by Finnish photographer and internet guru Pekka Saarinen its simple and free forums have attracted a vast array of photographers of varying experience from all over the world. These members all join together to provide a pleasant and welcome environment for a wealth of knowledge and ideas.

The major sections of the forum fall into 3 major sections with many sub-categories.

Equipment talk deals with the operation and details of the Canon digital cameras, lenses, and accessories. This section is the only Canon specific section and thus the least useful for non Canon users.

Photo Sharing is all about posting and discussing members photos. Broken into 15 separate areas of photography it is a fantastic place to share your photos and get comments, critiques, and advice, as well as inspiration from the works of others.

Sharing Knowhow is dedicated to discussing the technical aspects of photography including, post processing and printing, the business of photography, critique corner, and more.

There is also a members marketplace and a general discussion area if you want to discuss something other than photography with your friends at POTN.

POTN is such a helpful and useful resource that you really need to check it out if you have a digital camera. It is easily one of the simplest ways to help you improve and expand your photography skills, and it's free!

Of course POTN is not alone in providing fantastic photographic forums on the internet. Nearly every camera manufacture has a few forums dedicated to them. POTN is however one of the biggest and busiest that can provide a benefit to all photographers.

If you have a free forum you would like to recommend please leave a comment at the end of this post or e-mail me: and I will get a list together of free photography forums.

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husac said...

You can use my photos for free at - all of them are taken by me and made Public Domain ; hope you enjoy them!
free stuff, thanks man!
Cheers, Husac!

Sabrina said...

Thanks Husac! and good work making the photos available for free! I will have to write up a post for it soon...

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