Friday, September 26, 2008

A Basic Field Guide for the Outdoor Strobist

Free guide to
getting great outdoor lighting!

First go look at Bernie Ledsma's amazing outdoor photos (Here: Outdoor Strobist) and you will appreciate the fact that not only is he offering his advice to help the rest of us achieve the same great results with our photos, but that he has really gone out of his way to write up and illustrate a free guide!

Bernie titles himself a "strobist" because his style of outdoor portrature relies on fill flash or strobes to properly expose the main subject while maximizing the use of beautiful natural ambient lighting.

You can find Bernie's guide and gallery of images over on Yahoo's free photo sharing community Flickr.

(See our previous blog post about Flickr, the most active photo community on the internet)

So stop in, pick up his guide, and make sure you say hello and comment on his great photos!

Originally uploaded by Bernie Led:

“A Basic Field Guide for the Outdoor Strobist” 1st edition NOW AVAILABLE! For those who may be interested, I came up with a field guide on the basics of "Outdoor Strobing", just compiled my notes, learning’s, and work flow.

I initially made the notes for myself but decided to share it each time someone would ask me how I create those images. So I am making this material available to anyone who may benefit from it.

I know the learning curve here is steep with so much technical variations and complex exposure combinations, so I tried to keep it concise, but comprehensive.

A little thing about me, I am not a pro (have a day job in marketing) nor am I claiming to be a master, I just love and enjoy doing this... creating beautiful images and trying to be helpful to others that is.

If you would like to have a copy, Id be glad to email a copy to you, (free of course, not doing this for the money). Not really ground breaking, just my way of sharing and giving back...

All ill ask in return is for you to just let me know if it was able to help you or if you had fun using it. If you have suggestions to improve the work flow to make it easier or even better, let me know. Then we share it to even more people (open source spirit)... I'm calling it "A Basic Field Guide for the Outdoor Strobist" (just 5 pages, PDF format)

Get it here: A Basic Field Guide For The Outdoor Strobist

Bernie Ledesma

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

DIY 120 SPAMera®

SPAMera®, originally uploaded by [ CK ].

Now you can have your camera and eat it too!

From Chris Keeney's Flickr page...


This is my newest camera in my collection. It takes 120 roll film and yields 8-12 exposures. Made in my kitchen on 02.03.06. ~ 220 film compatible

Hormel // SPAM Museum // SPAM Family // SPAM History // The Art of SPAMography

more information about this camera at

Uploaded by [ CK ] on 6 Feb 06, 1.59AM PDT.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Excellent Free Digital Photo Managment

New! Picasa 3 (beta)

The fantastic free imaging software from Google is about to get way better...

We here at Free Photography Stuff, have been huge fans of Google's image program Picasa and now there is much more to get excited about with the release of the beta trial of the new Picasa 3. If you are not familiar with Picasa see our previous post on why it is one of the few must have photo programs. Google's Picasa - Free Fantastic Photo Software

Download the Picasa 3 beta at To get additional support or to give feedback for this beta release, please visit the Picasa Help Group to find answers from knowledgeable users and the Google Guide.

From the Picasa website:
"To get started on the upgrade from Picasa 2.7 to Picasa 3, we've provided a detailed run-down of what's new and what's changed. This page explains the basics, but you'll need to get your hands dirty to really appreciate the changes. Click the links below to learn more about each feature."

Sync your Picasa 3 and Picasa Web Albums edits

Tired of having to manually re-upload your photos after making further edits? By enabling 'Sync to Web,' edits made to your photos in Picasa 3 are automatically transferred to your corresponding online albums.


Retouch your images

Always want to be airbrushed? Use the Retouch tool to remove unsightly blemishes and improve photo quality. It can also help you to restore old photos with marks, water stains, and scratches to excellent condition.


Preview image files with Picasa Photo Viewer

The photo viewer is a fast, lightweight application for viewing images on your desktop or through Windows Explorer. Installed with Picasa 3, it lets you to take a quick look at images without having to fully open the Picasa 3 program.

movie maker

Make a movie

Combine your photos, videos, and music into a movie, and create a Windows Media file. Share it with friends by uploading it directly to YouTube.


Capture your screen

Instantly take and import your screen captures and webcam captures into Picasa 3.


Add text or watermarks to your photos

You can easily personalize your photos using the Watermark and Text tools.


Print captions

Your captions are about to see a little more action. You can now print your captions or photo file names on or below your photos.


Upload easily to Picasa Web Albums

Use the Drop Box to hold quick uploads and upload throttling to multi-task during your upload.

PWA settings

Control your Picasa Web Albums settings

If you have an online album in Picasa Web Albums, you can now control the online settings through the corresponding folder or album in Picasa 3.

move folders

Manage folders on your computer

It's now possible to move entire folders around on your hard drive from within Picasa 3.


Get more information about your photos

We've added new icons and tools to the Library view to quickly communicate useful information about your photos.

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