Saturday, February 14, 2009

Free Popular Photography Subscription currently offering FREE

Popular Photography Subscriptions

Here is the link:

This is not a scam (no money is involved) but you do need to provide some personal information, which they will no doubt share with marketers likely resulting in increased spam and junk mail. I use a yahoo e-mail account I set up just to give out to potential sources of spam and have not noticed a significant increase.

This blog has no affiliation with, other than following the procedures to get a free subscription ourselves. We started getting our subscription shortly after filling out the info form on the website. As always when providing personal information over the internet it may be wise to avoid specifics and complete accuracy.

After filling out the marketing information form, and providing an additional e-mail address you will be issued a 1 year subscription to Popular Photography.

If anyone feels like is not what they seem or have difficulty redeeming the free subscription offer please leave some feedback on this post.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

In depth explorations of the latest canon cameras...

Canon White Papers:
Beyond the Manual

Canon's White Papers are not manuals. They are:

* A detailed, in-depth look at the major features within each specific camera

* An exploration of new system enhancements, with an explanation of the technology behind each one.

* A comprehensive overview of Canon software and accessories compatible with each model.

White Papers are traditionally created for product marketing -- but we also want to offer these informative documents to any photographer wanting to learn more.

All of the White Papers below are free to download, easy to read, and we hope they help Canon shooters take the fullest possible advantage of their cameras.

Click here to download the EOS 5D Mark II White Paper (4.2 MB)

Click here to download the EOS 5D White Paper (1.4 MB)

Click here to download the EOS 50D White Paper (4.2 MB)

EOS-1Ds Mark III
Click here to download the EOS-1Ds Mark III White Paper (2.3 MB)

PDF IconAdobe Reader is required to view and print the White Papers. Click here to download Adobe Reader.

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Canon PowerShot S1100 IS commercial draws suspicion...

Some Humor...

From The Onion . Com

People In Canon Commercial Having More Fun With Camera Than Humanly Possible

January 8, 2009 | Issue 45•02

NEW YORK—According to sources, the people in a commercial for the Canon PowerShot S1100 IS digital camera have expressed a degree of pleasure that far exceeds the enjoyment that any known consumer electronic device could possibly provide. "Despite what we're seeing in this commercial, no existing camera is capable of producing the increased release of serotonin and dopamine that these people appear to be experiencing," said Dr. Otto Hauser, a brain and cognitive sciences professor at New York University. "Features such as red-eye reduction and night display would perhaps trigger a very brief elevation of mood, but…oh, come on! They just high-fived, for Christ's sake." At press time, Hauser said the level of fun that the camera is providing has outstripped what would be even remotely attainable with a Jet Ski–brand watercraft and a 12-pack of Samuel Adams premium ale.

Is that the 70-200 L in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me...

Canon offers on-line dating tips
no were not kidding...

One of the more interesting features right now at the Canon Digital Learning Center is a guide called Quick Tips: Better online dating portraits. Apparently just owning the latest Canon Camera does not make you automatically attractive to the opposite sex. In an effort to correct this Canon has laid out a nice little guide to help improve your odds...

The guide is a good overview on portrature and contains some nifty examples that you can hover your mouse over to see both the right way and wrong way to make good portraits. Certinaly full of good basic portrait tips and worth the read whatever your relationshp status.

Quick Tip: Better Online Dating Portraits

In the past several years, the Internet has evolved into a place you can go for anything: Pay bills; find a job; get a degree; learn a new language; go shopping; and, of course, meet new people. In fact, online dating has become an increasingly popular way to start a relationship. Most online dating websites entitle subscribers to a profile page with introductory information about yourself -- complimented by one or more profile portraits. These portraits are the first look you have at a prospective partner, and them of you -- so it's very important that your online dating portrait capture you at your best, and be a technically pleasing image that has impact within the limited space of a dating profile.

Note the soft focus trees, which create a pleasing, but not distracting background.

ROLL OVER IMAGE to see what this shot looks like at f/16 (note the sharp-focus trees).

Many people ignore or waste this great opportunity to show themselves off, and instead opt to use older pictures they have lying around, or pick a snapshot from a recent vacation or party (or worse yet, a picture taken with a cellphone camera or a computer camera). These pictures may be fun shots or have meaningful memories -- but often they are poorly exposed, full of distracting backgrounds/other people, too widely framed to clearly see your face, or simply not a very flattering portrait. If this sounds like what you're using now, don't worry! This tip will give you the techniques you need to take a brand new, flattering, high-impact self-portrait that will help you stand out from the crowd!

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