Friday, February 22, 2008

Free picture service from Nikon

my Picturetown
free photo storing and sharing service

Store photos and videos of any size

With the new Nikon my Picturetown’s state-of-the art storage network, your files are safe. And, unlike many other photosharing sites, you can store photos and videos of any size. The service offers up to 2 GB of free storage. You can also subscribe to the my Picturetown Gold service and store up to 20 GB of images. (The Gold service is currently FREE and available in the U.S. and Japan only.)

Visit the Nikon my Picturetown website to take a tour and sign up.

20GB of free storage

Now, you can enjoy 20GB of free storage until April 30, 2008. After middle March 2008, we will inform Gold Account members about our procedure for monthly payment by e-mail and on my Picturetown. You will be able to downgrade from Gold Account to Free Account by the end of April 2008. Free Account members will still be able to use 2GB storage free.

Easy image uploading is a key part of photo management

my Picturetown offers three easy ways to upload:

- send photos through WiFi-enabled COOLPIX S50c and S51c cameras.

- batch upload from your computer using my Picturetown’s Quick Upload tool.

- upload single files from your computer using the Single Selection Upload tool. Both Quick and Single Selection Upload tools help you tag your photos before you send them.

COOLPIX S50c and S51c features

With Picture Mail, you can share photo albums through email directly through the camera, no matter where you are. Sending photos to storage is simple: press the shutter to upload an Album or set the camera to batch upload as it recharges.

Organization the way you want it

With drag and drop, you can arrange your photos any way you like. Create Albums within Folders. Sort your pictures by name or date or file type. In my Picturetown, you can set up your Library exactly the way you want it, with all your photos in one place.

A tag is the easiest way to label and retrieve the photos in your archive.

With my Picturetown, you can tag an Album, selected photos in an Album, or single photos. You can also tag when you upload—in a batch or as individual photos.

Your images exactly where you want them

Place any image from your archive on a blog or website. It’s just the beginning of a number of features that will let you put your images exactly where you want them.

Flicker Integration

We’ve provided single-click functionality so that you can quickly post your photos to the Flickr community. Press a button and any photo in your collection will get added to your Flickr archive. (Available in the U.S. only.)

With the COOLPIX S50c and S51c cameras, you can email photo Albums directly to Flickr.

Picturetown’s new slide show

Show off your photos with my Picturetown’s new slide show. By adding music, pan and zoom transitions, and nearly full screen images, you will be able to share your photos in style.

Coming to a phone near you

Nikon has created mobile versions of my Picturetown to view on phones in Japan and the U.S. In Japan, DoCoMo customers can view their my Picturetown Libraries on their cell phones. In the U.S., the mobile phone versions begin with BlackBerry Smartphones. Andthat’s just the beginning...

Join Today for 20gb Free storage

Upload some photos, create an Album, and get to know my Picturetown firsthand. If you aren’t yet a member of my Picturetown, register now. Bring your photos to the simple, smart photo sharing service brought to you by Nikon.

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