Thursday, January 31, 2008

Perfect Portraits Tutorial

Super Airbrush Post-Processing Tutorial

Dan Chips has put together a fine tutorial on airbrushing portraits in Photoshop. It is easy to follow and reproduce. View it here: Super Airbrush PP Tutorial!

"Hello everyone! I thought I would put this tutorial together, as it seems every time I post an image that I have processed in this way, everyone wants to know how I did it. Rather than explain every time, I thought I would give something back to the community and submit my own tutorial. I hope some of you out there find it useful." -Dan Chips.

One of the most popular tutorials to come out of the Canon oriented POTN message board. You can no longer find the original posting there, along with 30+ pages of ongoing discussion about refinements and modifications to the original technique Dan offered. Well worth the read, hopefully it will return soon.
Mizuno's Super Airbrush PP Tutorial!

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