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My current and favorite screensaver for several years has been the beautiful Leica M screensaver. Available from the Leica Camera Co's website it shows the development of the legendary Leica M camera from the original up to the M7, the latest model when the screensaver was made available.

Leica M System - Screen saver

Legendary - Leica M

For those of us fortunate enough to own or use a Leica M camera there is very little doubt as to why these cameras carry a legendary status or command such a premium price.

For those who haven't yet used a Leica M, it can be hard to understand the passion and devotion that these cameras evoke within their owners. The 3-digit price tag of the bodies and lenses has also added to cloak the Leica M in mystery and awe, keeping the cameras in the hands of only the most dedicated photographers.

The Best lenses...

Ultimately, it is the lenses that are chiefly responsible for establishing the legend and high ideals of the Leica brand. They are all precision crafted masterpieces - practical, compact, ergonomic, cutting-edge lenses for ultimate in analog and digital photography. Their outstanding optical performance makes observing and capturing meaningful moments easy. Pictures taken with Leica lenses not only highlight the quality of their major aspects such as contrast, resolution and beautiful pictorial rendition but also demonstrate the capabilities of Leica products with regard to design, performance, and the ability to capture natural expression.

Few things last a lifetime, A Leica M lasts longer...

Heat or cold, rain or dust - The Leica M is not put off by adverse conditions when in search of the perfect picture. The M needs to be hard-wearing, reliable and robust enough to survive the toughest situations. The designers of an M camera always give durability top priority. That's why only the best materials are used for the camera housing: brass for the cap and base and a highly stable metal alloy for the body. The digital components are carefully selected, too, to make sure they stand the test of practical wear and tear. Meticulous manufacture and careful assembly guarantee decades of reliable functioning to give the photographer as many years of enjoyment with his Leica M as possible. And that means a lifetime. And often longer.

As a result of this SuperEngineering older Leica M cameras are still widely available. The Leica M3 was released over 50 years ago yet is still widely found in use today.

For most of us the Leica M will remain out of reach, especially with the digital Leica M8 commanding a $4000 price tag. For those lucky enough to obtain a Leica M of any vintage, will come a greater appreciation of our craft, and a firm understanding of why the Leica M has earned its legendary status.

Even if you don't get the chance to pick up a Leica M, do pick up these :

Leica M - System Brochure

Leica M Lenses - Their Soul and Secrets

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