Thursday, January 31, 2008

Free Photography Workshops from Sony


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Free Workshops and Classes

Sony Co offers a number of free online training and workshops. Each course is designed to last one month and focuses on a particular aspect of digital photography and imaging. The classes are hosted online by an experienced professional instructor and consist of a lesson and assignment and a follow up quiz. The class also has a dedicated message board where the instructor and students can share and ask questions.

Courses offered change monthly and currently include:
Sony is a major player in the Photography world. It makes camera phones, Point & Shoot Digitals, and with the recent acquisition of Konica and Minolta camera companies, now a line of consumer and semi-pro DSLR's.

Of course Sony also makes all manner of Electronic products. The global size and diversity of Sony means it can be tricky to sort through the vast and varied Sony Co websites to locate the photography related resources. I will do my best to help locate them and post them here.

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