Monday, October 13, 2008

Live-View and Movie-Mode with any SLR

DIY Canon 5D mkII

From Carlos aka- Miami Fever over on Flickr. Perhaps this is Canon Inc's inspiration for including video into their new 5DmkII. Even if it isn't the idea is genius. Now all of us SLR users can reap the benefit of the live view and movie modes available in nearly all of today's point and shoots.

From Miami Fever's Flickr photostream:

"I would find myself having to put down the 5D when I wanted to shoot a video, and vice-versa.
It's really nice to be able to shoot a video of some subjects whose motion and sounds (such as cars) add interest as you photograph them.
I don't do this for street shooting, since discretion is key, the 5D is big enough as it is, and video wouldn't really be as interesting as a still.
This should work with any camera with a hot-shoe and any point and shoot with movie mode and a standard 1/4" tripod mount."

Carlos gives the details of the hardware used in his custom mount over at flickr where he goes by Miami Fever. Pay him a visit and let him know how much you like his creation! You can also compliment him on his amazing street photography taken on the streets of Miami. Most of his great images are what can be described as available dark, capturing the vibrant night scene in Miami without the use of a flash. It doesn't hurt that his images often include many of the beautiful women seemingly roaming the streets of Miami. You can also check out Carlos's blog: where he posts additional photos and information about his photo documentary of life in Miami.

Carlos is also adept at converting all manner of lenses for use on his Canon 5D. Check out his flickr "Gear" set to see many of his lens adaptations. Additionally Carlos runs a photography and gear oriented blog: Ask Carlos where he elaborates and answers questions about photo equipment, lens compatibility, and his overall shooting technique.

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tom clearwood said...

this is good! It's a way to overcome the terrible limitations of a DSLR.
My preferred technique has been to buy a Fujifilm S100FS! I believe that the DSLR is a disaster, incorporating an optical viewfinder means that the huge benefit of an EVF is lost, I could not take many of my photos without the instant feedback that the EVF provides about exposure...

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