Saturday, March 1, 2008

FREE exhibition space for photographers

Nikon Salon

Free Exhibition Space
for Aspiring Photographers

In its quest to contribute to the advancement of photographic culture,
Nikon Salon is offering a free exhibition space for aspiring photographers.

Exhibitions of your work may be held in one of three different spaces:
Nikon Salon, Nikon Salon bis, and Nikon Salon Juna21.
Each space has its own unique concept.

Nikon Salon Website:

Nikon will provide the following:

・ A set portion of production costs for invitation cards.
・ Production costs for greeting, profile and caption panels.
・ Frame rental
・ Invitation card postage fees (Excludes personal invitations)
・ Press release
・ Exhibition space
・ Staff to hang the exhibitor's work in the gallery provided.
・ \50,000 for printing materials
・An extra \30,000 for transport costs to/from Osaka, etc.

Nikon Salon is open to all creative contributions

However the opportunities don't stop there. The Nikon Salon bis gallery holds group exhibitions by members of the Nikkor Club and its branch offices, as well as other photographic organizations, schools and clubs. For aspiring young photographers, there is also Nikon Salon Juna21, where exhibitors must be under 35 years old.

Nikon Salon

Nikon Salon accepts any exhibition that strives to contribute to photographic culture. This program is open to all photographers.


Nikon Salon Juna21 seeks creative, original ideas from young photographers. Exhibitors must be under 35 years old.

For nearly 40 years

Nikon Salon has contributed to the spread of photographic culture by offering a free exhibition space to aspiring artists.
It started in January 1968, when Nikon Salon was first established in Ginza to celebrate Nikon's 50th anniversary. Since the very first exhibition "Eyes of Ihei Kimura," Nikon Salon has provided unique opportunities for both professional and amateur photographers by sponsoring their lectures and hosting their exhibitions. These opportunities expanded with the opening of Shinjuku Nikon Salon in June 1971. Osaka Nikon Salon followed in March 1974. The goal was to pursue the true meaning of photography: the expression of ideas. This meant breaking the barrier between professional and amateur photographers and viewing their work as art, not business strategy. The applications are still open to everyone. Photographers of every style and level of experience are welcome at Nikon Salon.

Nikon Salon looks forward to viewing your work!

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